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While installing I get an error:

an error:

Microsoft Access 2010 encountered an error during setup.

Error 1406. Setup cannot write the value to the registry key \Software\Classes\Interface{000C036F-0000-0000-C000-000000000046}\ProxyStubClsid.

Verify that have sufficient permissions to access the registry or contact Microsoft Product Support Services (PSS) for assitance.

I went to regedit to check on the key that the error was talking about but when I clicked on it it says file not found.

I'm using Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit.

Any ideas?

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Welcome to Super User! Next time please add the error messages as text. That makes it much easier for people to help, and for others to find this question if they have the same problem. Success! – Arjan Jan 30 '11 at 11:07

Try right clicking on the installation executable and selecting "run as administrator". This article might help.

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Nope, same error. – Rillanon Jan 30 '11 at 5:38

Microsoft has a long knowledge base article about this error, a bit too long to summarize here: You receive an error message when you install an Office program or open an Office program or document.

(If this doesn't help you, then please update your question with the steps from this article you tried, and with what results.)

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