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Can a zip file executable? For instance can you have a virus in the form of a zip. Obviously a virus could be inside a zip file but can the actual zip execute?

Reason i ask is i have a website that currently allows only jpg, jpeg, png and gif file extensions i had an idea today to allow people to upload icon packs, however, the icon packs would need to be in the form of a zip because there would be so many images.

I don't need my site infested with viruses.

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Theoretically, some tools for uncompressing zip files may have vulnerabilities that can lead to some code execution. However, it is really unlikely that it is your case. Uncompressing tools for your programming language probably don’t have such vulnerabilities, and if the web server is running a UNIX like operating system (e.g. Linux), Windows viruses are not going to be executed anyway.

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a zip might cause some trouble while you are trying to unzip it:


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+1, a compression bomb is much more likely than a vulnerability in the extraction tool. –  Matthieu Cartier Jan 30 '11 at 10:14

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