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I have Desktop with configuration Pentium 4,945 intel chipset board,dual booting with win 7 and ubuntu 10.10 (no graphics card) Recently i purchased Dell IN2020M 20" with native resolution of 1600x900 but my display allow maximum of 1024x768 because of this when i play any video in full screen mode it doesn't play smoothly or frames are refreshed jerkily

I have tried updating my VGA driver but its doesn't helping me much. Is there any way to solve this problem ?

1>if i want to replace monitor what maximum resolution should i buy ? 2>if i want to upgrade(graphics card/motherboard) my desktop what is the minimum configuration to support the current system.

Thanks in advance

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You could try if anything changes when you install the dirver for the monitor (yeah there actually is such thing). It should be shipped on a CD with the monitor or you can download it on the dell website ( ??)

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