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I downloaded and installed the latest version of WAMP package to my PC, and what I want to do is to connect it using FTP.

How to do this?

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Apache, the server that is included in WAMP, is purely a web server, not a FTP server. You need to set up an additional FTP server in order to be able to FTP into it. One such server is the Filezilla Server, but there are other options too.

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As farfromhome stated, the WAMP server hasn't got an FTP server included. If you do want a complete package without installing a seperate FTP server such as Filezilla, I recommend removing the WAMP server and installing complete package like XAMPP. XAMPP also includes FileZilla, but will set it up for you. However do note that XAMPP isn't meant for production purposes but development purposes.

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