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I am using ubuntu desktop edition to run My drupal website on Intranet. I know for running web servers best thing to install is ubuntu server editions, but due to some problem i am using Desktop edition.

I installed XAMPP on my machine an my website is up and running. I want to know how can i optimize my machine?? Since I will not use very less features of desktop editions are there any things which I can remove or stop which will free memory and cpu consumption, are there any packages which i should install to increase the performance of my ubuntu??


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You don't necessarily need to remove the desktop if you still need it. Server and desktop distributions use the same core packages. Desktop adds a graphical interface that you don't get with the server. There are lighter weight desktops available if you need a graphical desktop but not the full features.

There are various kernels that can be installed, but it is unlikely you need the features of the server kernel. Sufficient memory is important. Install a tool like munin or sar to monitor your system. These can be very useful in finding resource limitations (cpu, disk, swap, etc.).


Shocking fact - if you're running a home server, your network connection is the bottleneck - uninstalling stuff isn't going to make your server seem or work faster.

On the other hand don't use Xampp - install the LAMP package selection from tasksel, install phpmyadmin, and you're good - in addition, its more secure, since you have the latest version.

From terminal, sudo tasksel install lamp-server – wag2639 Jan 31 '11 at 6:34

First of all, the most obvious thing to remove would be the graphical desktop -

sudo apt-get --purge remove ubuntu-desktop

see this question for details: How to remove the Ubuntu Gnome desktop after making the switch to KDE?

With recent apt-get (>3yrs old fix), if you want to purge a package, there is no need to use remove option. You need only use sudo apt-get purge ubuntu-desktop. – Tshepang Feb 7 '11 at 3:51
By default, your command will remove only the ubuntu-desktop metapackage, not the whole desktop. Assuming that you've tested this command, do you have some custom settings for apt-get? – Tshepang Feb 7 '11 at 3:58