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I have VirtualBox and I want to install MS Windows in it. How can I make VirtualBox start when Ubuntu Server does, so that I don't need to manually start Windows?

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virtualbox --help:

--startvm <vmname|UUID>    start a VM by specifying its UUID or name

You can add this command to startup apps at System->Preferences->Startup applications.

In case you don't have GUI (you mentioned that you are running Ubuntu Server) you probably are looking for a way to run your virtual machine in "headless" mode. However you won't be able to install anything in headless mode, so you need to prepare your virtual machine on computer with GUI enabled.

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I don't think Ubuntu Server comes with a graphic interface – BloodPhilia Jan 30 '11 at 23:55
Your VBoxHeadless might support graphical connection using VNC. Run it with the --help option to see whether your does. – maxelost Jan 31 '11 at 20:42

Unless you're about to create a /etc/init.d script, just stick the command to start the VM in /etc/rc.local. Very easy, very simple. You didn't say whether you were using a GUI or give much of any detail at all so I don't know exactly what command you'd be putting in there. Skirmantas's suggestion to check virtualbox --help is a good one.

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