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I'm running some research on how people search the web for specific types of information.

I'd like to be able to set them up with a laptop and browser and then record a history of what they search for and what sites they visit.

A Firefox or Chrome plugin would be ideal, but a standalone program is fine too. It doesn't need to be free, just quick and reliable.

It doesn't need to be a general PC monitoring program (though that would be OK too) - it's only Web usage I need to track.

I've found a few on the Web but am not sure which ones to trust. Your recommendations would be much appreciated.

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I have found a program which seems to be OK, though it leaves a few things to be desired: System Surveillance Pro (available from CNET download site which gives me some reassurance that it's safe).

It allows me to track websites visited and keystrokes, though they are in separate log files and therefore I need to combine them manually. I will also need to isolate the logs manually after each experiment is complete, so that each subject is separately tracked. Still, better than filming them with a video camera!

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