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I'm trying to setup VPN connection from my mobile (Android) or laptop via mobile to office network connected to the internet using FVS318G.

Configuration on server side seems to be ok according to manuals, but I'm unable to connect from outside (using android system VPN client or NetworkManager-vpnc). VPN log of FVS318G shows message :

2011 Jan 31 07:37:49 [FVS318g] [IKE] Could not find configuration for *.*.*.*[500]_
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I have gotten farther than you by using the Dyndns app from the market and thus having both ends with a fqdsn. I am on Android 2.2.1 and using AES-128 and SHA-1. So, the 1st SA works but then a subsequent SA is requested by my fvs318g and the droid doesn't respond. I'm in main mode.

You would think there would be a Prosafe cliend for droid out there somewhere.

Don Coombs

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