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My desktop pc is dead, i have poweredge r710 and i 've decided to use it as my workstation. I installed windows 7, but there is only 1 port for monitor on the back..I want to run dual monitors as my old pc.

can you one recommend what i need to buy to be able to run multiple monitors ?


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An r710 is a bit expensive (and loud) to be using as a desktop. You need to buy a new video card though. Something that is PCI Express and supports dual monitors.

My opinion is that you should sell the r710 if you're not going to use it as a server. Then you can buy yourself a proper workstation.

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You will need: A new video card and earplugs to use the R710 as a workstation. Don't forget the earplugs. It will not be happy to be sitting on a desk without a nice free airflow and it will signal its displeasure by making its fans scream at incredibly high volume.

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