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I have to analyze a survey. The survey consists of some yes/no questions, some numeric questions and some questions like the following (free text where respondents have entered multiple answers).

Do you have any social networking accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Myspace etc) Y N
If yes, which ones _____________________________

Respondents answer: Facebook and Twitter

How do I put these types of answer into Excel to gain some sort of useful analysis?

PS. I know Excel is not great for surveys, but can't spend $1000 on SPSS or similar.

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How are you asking your survey? Paper, email? You might look at one of the free online survey tools, or something you can run on a Linux server (if you have access to one) like LimeSurvey that will export results directly in Excel format and also give you stats on the screen too.

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LimeSurvey will also export directly to SPSS. – Deckard Jul 2 '12 at 22:14

If you really insist on using Excel, you could try CooWire, or transforming your text data to numeric to be able to graph manually. E.g.: making Excel count the "Twitter" and "Facebook" words in a column and plot it.

I would rather use a software more comfortable with survey analyzing, and you do not have to pay for it by all means, look for the command-line R, PSPP (a free alternative to SPSS) or any GUI to R, like Rcommander,, RKWard and so on,

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