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I was just wondering whether there is a sketch program like Adobe Ideas for iPad that has an infinite canvas but for OSX. It need not be feature rich and all that. Very simple, just for sketching out some stuff without thinking about the space.

I was thinking about some vector tool where I could infinitely zoom in and draw.

I'm sure you get the idea of what I am looking for. Any hints?

OS is OS X.

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@Mark Nice thought, but search for "best" on this site. The closed ones are usually not about software. –  Daniel Beck Feb 1 '11 at 8:46
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Sketch sounds like just what you need, a drawing application with an infinite canvas. From the description:

Documents in Sketch have infinite size, and that gives you ultimate freedom. The Hand tool is the main navigational tool and you will be using the spacebar often to navigate around.

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I have recently discovered Mischief lately. 15 day trial, $65 USD, http://www.madewithmischief.com/

On the front page, there is a demo video that shows zooming in infinitely. Works with OSX as well as Windows.

Infinite Definition

Mischief uses a revolutionary new stroke representation. Get the richness of pixel-based brushes AND the scalability of vectors. Zoom in to any size and get a PERFECT edge. Export at ANY size and resolution.

Infinite Canvas

Mischief has a truly infinite canvas. Your artwork can grow organically without constraints. There is no need to preset paper sizes or resolutions or to resize the canvas during drawing.

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Scribbles is an osx package with an inovative interface and infinite zoom. Nice piece of work. http://www.atebits.com/scribbles/

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