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One of my friends at school was talking about a RAID, he said there was a RAID 7, as to my knowledge no such thing exists. Could someone clarify? I don't think there is but just making sure.

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On how many powerpoint sales slide sets does a term have to be before it "exists"? – Ian Ringrose Feb 1 '11 at 11:00
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He could be getting confused in that there are 7 "levels" of RAID, but they are RAID 0 through RAID 6.

There is however a non-standard RAID 7, but it isn't a industry standard like the main levels. You can read up a bit on it here:

There are a number of non-standard RAID levels, if you're interested you can read more on Wikipedia:

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Raid 7 is a trademarked marketing term used by the Storage Computer Corporation. The controller card uses its own CPU and combines striping and RAID-5-like storage.


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