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I have a workbook that was protected via the Protect Workbook feature. It was sent to someone else to modify. When they sent it back, it was unprotected and when I try to reprotect it I get this error,

"This workbook contains Excel 4.0 macros or Excel 5.0 modules. If you would like to password protect or restrict permission to this document, you need to remove these macros."

I looked and there are no new macros in the edited file. The original file contained the same macros and it was able to be write protected, so I'm not sure why the modified file is having a problem. What are common causes and solutions for this error and does it make sense for the modified file to have the error when the original doesn't?

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Try clicking "Protect Workbook" then deselecting "Protect Structures and Windows". It worked for me.

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