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I have reached the limits of Gmail forwarding. Before there was no need to verify forwarding addresses. It's a problem for me now because the addresses I want to forward to are not natural inboxes but automated systems with no way to track the verification email contents.

I want to set this up for example:

mobile  ->  email   -> facebook-email
                    -> flickr-email
                    -> tumblr-email
                    -> posterous-email

How do I do this without Gmail filters?

I think I need to use fetchmail to watch my inbox and then autoforward to the above addresses. Is fetchmail the best solution to this issue? Any other MRA's?

I'd like to do some more complicated things with the emails in an automated fashion too, how would I go about monitoring the inbox, doing some actions to the email before forwarding, and forward everywhere?

a server:
    fetchmail daemon to poll the account
    local mailbox
    script to clean & forward appropriately (python probably)
    sendmail + ~/.forward file
backup email account (Gmail probably)

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I'm trying to automate my social content distribution.

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