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What chipset do I need in order to use intel Active Management Technology (part of vPro technology)?

Is it supported by X58? Wikipedia says only about Q57 but it's LGA 1156 sockets and also I would prefer using some better chipset.

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For the vPro 2010 platform, the chipsets are Intel Q57, QS57, OR QM57 Express Chipset. You can find processor and chipset details in this paper:

Michele Gartner / Community Manager / Intel vPro Expert Center

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Hey Michele welcome to the Super User community. You don't need to append your name onto answers. A good place to put that is on your profile page. Just FYI ;) – KronoS Feb 2 '11 at 22:15

It appears that vPro is only usable on Q57 based chips, which means you can't use 9xx series i7's, only 8xx series.

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