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I am running a digital signage system for my client. The basic installation is a vertically oriented 42" LCD TV with a 1920x1080 screen resolution (reverse of 1920x1080 when setup normally, i.e. landscaped).

Please check out the following link for a basic screen divisions layout I want to setup.

In the division labeled "ppt" I plan to run a powerpoint presentation. The screen division is 360x1476 resolution.

As there isn't an option in powerpoint to specify slide size in terms of resolution so according to this article on indezine to get a screen resolution of my preference I divided 360 and 1476 each by 72 which gives me 5"x 20.5" as the slide size for my ppt.

After setting up slide size as per above dimensions, I used sizer ( to resize my ppt window to 360x1476 so that when I record I do not get any black bars. But after launching recording there are side black bars visible which camtasia records and brings-inside cam studio with black bars.

My question is that after doing the above and as explained in the following video link why do I still get black bars.

Is there an option in camtasia to stretch the recording to cover up black bars or any other alternative way I can get rid of those black bars while I get a ppt recorded as per my preferred dimensions.

Notes: In the techsmith video above it asks to adjust my desktop screen resolution which my display chipset does not allow me to set. I set up show in powerpoint to be "browsed by an individual(window)". Also signage software only supports swf's and video file formats natively and not ppt, pptx etc.



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I got the answer from Camtasia tech support and it was SO easy! Just watch the video.

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Would you consider adding some content from the linked article? This would improve the quality of your answer. – bytebuster Nov 24 '12 at 6:54

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