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I'm new to irssi and I couldn't figure out one feature (or task).

I know I can use Page+Up/Down to scroll back and forth on the chat history. I also know I can use /lastlog to dump the whole chat history to console.

However, I don't know how to dump the chat history and grep certain pattern. For example, if I want to review conversation with someone named, user-a. My intuitive way is "grep user-a " so it will output all history in that window contain user-a.

Is there such a feature in irssi or irc in general?

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There is no such thing in "IRC in general"; IRC is just a protocol for exchanging messages. It does not have logging of any kind.

In irssi, though, you can do /lastlog user-a to search for that word.

If you want regexp search, there's /last -regexp too.

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Use /lastlog pattern 10 to search for the last 10 occurrences of pattern. – David Pärsson May 23 '14 at 17:59

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