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Do companies make linux based wifi routers or ADSL modems? If yes, what are these companies?

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Are you asking what companies makes "open" Linux routers (easy to hack), or are you asking how popular Linux is amongst the router makers? – Johan Aug 18 '09 at 11:49
First option: I'm interested in open, customizable routers with open linux distributions. – Valentin Aug 18 '09 at 12:58
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buy one of these: Put this on it:

This will give you a linux router. :)

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Linksys is known do make Linux based routers, and other Linux based devices.

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The OpenWRT project has a hardware compatibility list. If it's in there, then linux can at least be installed on it, but most (all?) of them run some version of linux pre-installed. See

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Actually, most companies use some sort of Linux for their routers. I know for sure DLink have linux on my DSL-604GT+.

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