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I am trying to find res.cls! I've been looking for quite a while for res.cls but have not found it.

All signs point to it being in texlive-latex-extra, but as far as I can tell it wasn't provided.

I am in the midst of installing texlive-full just to see what happens, but nonetheless, I would like to know where or if this file is provided.

I know you can get it via CTAN which is where I'm going next if I can't get it from the Ubuntu packages.

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The CTAN won't give you the name of the Ubuntu package, which effectively was texlive-latex-extra, because, the package resume has been removed from Ubuntu (from Debian too, and even from TeXLive apparently) since lucid 10.04, as shown here:

It seems that the package had a license compatibility problem, as explained here:

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Thanks for the research -- it's good to know why it went away at least! For the curious, just download res.cls and stick it where LaTeX can see it! The location of the *.tex file was good enough for me... – OEP Feb 6 '11 at 1:51

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