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I have put an echo in three profile scripts that shows the file name so that I can see the order they run.

When I log in I see.

$ alias ls
alias ls='ls --ignore=*.pyc --color'

Yet when I start a screen session I see

$ alias ls
alias ls='ls --color=tty'

The alias I've set up in ~/.bashrc is being overwritten by color-ls but only within screen, is there any round this annoying behaviour?

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You should first read man bash (section 'INVOCATION') about when which file is actually used.

Your little 'trace' shows you that your ~/.bashrc always sources /etc/bashrc which is then calling color-ls ... or not, depending on code in /etc/bashrc as it seems.

So, two ways to solve the problem:

  • Check, under which circumstances /etc/bashrc decides to not source color-ls.
  • Setup your aliases after your ~/.bashrc processes /etc/bashrc.
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Thorough yet succinct answer. Thanks. – Stephen Paulger Feb 3 '11 at 17:26

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