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The url of the forum thread I'm trying to get access to is in the form

I've tried

wget --user-agent=Mozilla/5.0 -k -m -E -p -np -R http://domain/showthread.php?noseen=0&threadid=3333333&pagenumber=1

and I've had no luck.

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Why not just in a for loop:

for pageno in {1..1000000}; do
    wget ... http://domain/showthread.php?noseen=0&threadid=3333333&pagenumber=$pageno || break

or perhaps a while loop is better, if a little longer to write:

while true; do
    wget ... http://domain/showthread.php?noseen=0&threadid=3333333&pagenumber=$pageno
    if test $? -ne 0; then
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OP here, thanks Mikel. Actually I'm having problems just downloading the contents of the one page in the thread. Once I have that going I was thinking of the first way you suggested, but there seems to be something wrong with my wget paramaters (? maybe? I don't know) – user65999 Feb 4 '11 at 2:01

Might be worth checking if the forum supports rss feeds of sections / threads. It'd save you bother.

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