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I've got an iMac running Mac OS X 10.5.8 that is ignoring a few key combinations (most of the time, that is). Left-shift-e and left-command-c have stopped working. It's not the physical keys as, for example, left-shift-d works just fine. I can type E or copy using the right-hand shift and command keys.

Sometimes, and I think it's when I'm catching my computer unawares (while it's processing), left-command-c works just fine.

Is there a corrupted preference file hanging around somewhere?

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I had the same problem, I specifically noticed Left-Shift+R and Command+V not working. And now it's fixed.

One of the keys on my keyboard (0 on numeric pad) weren't properly in place. When I pressed it, it got stuck. I removed it, and placed it back where it should be. Now all key combinations work again.

Hope this might help.

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