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Eject key(cd/dvd) in keyboard(Dell Studio 1557) not working after reinstalling windows.

how can solve this problem?

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Do any of the touch sensitive buttons work? – Mikeysoft Feb 4 '11 at 11:12
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I installed Dell QuickSet program and this work!

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SATA controller must be set to AHCI mode and QUICKSET must be installed

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Are you sure, that it's a software problem?
You could verify this by pressing the eject button while the system is booting up. Or boot up a from a Live-Linux (from USB stick) and test it.
If it doesn't work either, your eject button may be broken.

If it's really a windows problem, try booting in fail-safe mode and see if it works then.
If the button works then, the problem is an application that runs in normal mode but not in fail-safe mode. Try to run with as few applications as possible running at once in normal mode.

Maybe some CD/DVD writing applications are blocking the device. You could try to disable/uninstall those, too.

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THere's a setting in BIOS. I changed mine from Multimedia first to Function first. Worked fine after that. Also installed QuickSet though and ensured AHCI was set which it was already.

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