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This is for a friend of mine. She says

Please tell me why we have such destabilized connections when we log both Powerbooks on at once. When one laptop's logged in, and the other opens his/hers too, it can take ten minutes of restarting/rebooting to get us both on, and sometimes we just can't have both of us at once. Please for the love of cheese and all that is holy, what do we need to do?

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BTW, it is password protected... – Stevko Feb 4 '11 at 21:19

This may be a silly point, but how is you WLAN set up? Does your router assign IP addresses or are they fixed? The reason I ask is that if you used migration assistant fro one Powerbook to the other `nd you used fixed IP addresses you might have the same IP addresss for both laptops. Just a thought. Anyway for more help, I think we need more details 1) Exactly which computers? 2) Running which operating system(s)? 3) What router? 4) What configuration?

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