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I am seeking for a way to number each equation based on the chapter numbers. The number should be placed at the right side of the equation and the equation should be center-aligned. Something like this:

center-aligned equation with it's number aligned on the right

(The bounding box around 2.3 is not necessary).

I found this article that do this in a tricky way. Sadly it has some problems when I use multilevel numbering for Headings.

To conclude, I am looking for a way to numbers equations that:

  • The numbering is formatted as N-M that N is chapter number and M is equation number.
  • equation is placed in center-aligned
  • number is placed in the right side of equation
  • There should be a way to cross-reference each numbered equation.


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Any chance of switching to InDesign? – digitxp Feb 5 '11 at 20:05
Nope. I have to write my reports in MSWord. A free Add-on would be acceptable too, but i am curious: Is it impossible to do this with Word without any third-party app? Then it is a shame, isn't it? – Isaac Feb 5 '11 at 20:28

Creating the labels

  • You go to the place where the label should be inserted
  • Press CTRL + F9 and curly brackets appear
  • Into the brackets you insert "STYLEREF 1 \s"
  • Move the cursor behind the brackets, press . and press CTRL + F9
  • Into the brackets you insert "SEQ eqn \* Arabic \s 1 \* MERGEFORMAT"
  • It should look this way:

    { STYLEREF 1 \s }.{ SEQ eqn \* Arabic \s 1 \* MERGEFORMAT }

Click into each of the curly brackets once and type F9 each time. You get this:


You can do this as well by clicking via "Insert -> Text -> Quick Parts -> Field ...".

How does it work?

  • "STYLEREF 1" prints the number of the current "Heading 1" section
  • "SEQ eqn" creates a sequence named 'eqn'
  • "\s 1" restarts the sequence at each "heading 1"

This page might help understanding how SEQ works:

Auto-Insert the label

This idea comes from here:

  • mark your new label (not the newline in the end!)
  • go to "File -> Options -> Proofing -> AutoCorrect Options ..."
  • Insert e.g. "(EQ)" into the "Replace" field. The "With" field is already filled with your expression. Click "Add".
  • Now, every time you type "(EQ)" + SPACE your label is inserted.

This can be combined with Calchas solution in How do you easily add equation numbers to Microsoft Word 2010 equations? . At least I do it.


I do it with bookmarks:

  • bookmark labels are created via "Insert -> Links -> Bookmark"
  • Cross-Referencing works via the cross-referencing button
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