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I am feeling quite uncomfortable on the iMac's small key board with the right delete, home and end buttons missing. (My maximum activity on the computer needs typing)

fn+left arrow and fn+rightarrow don't seem to do the job of home and end.

Is there a way to get some other key on the keyboard to take up these 3 functions?

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Right delete fn

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I didn't understand which key you meant by the second symbol in your combination for right delete. – Anirbit Feb 7 '11 at 7:32
@Anirbit: That's the Backspace key :) – Kit Feb 7 '11 at 8:20

Fn-Up/Down are Page Up/Page Down.

Fn-Left/Right and Cmd-Up/Down are start and end of document.

Cmd-Left/Right are beginning/end of line.

Use Butler to define a Keystrokes element, type e.g. Fn+Arrow once in the Keys tab, and use whatever keyboard shortcut you want to use instead Hot Key.

Use Ukele to define your own keyboard layout.

Use a full-size keyboard :-)

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Thanks for the help. I wonder if I am knowledgeable enough to get these softwares you recommended to run. I didn't get a full keyboard simply because it doesn't come wireless. I don't know why they couldn't make it wireless. – Anirbit Feb 7 '11 at 7:31
@Anirbit Butler is relatively easy to use. Here is a somewhat detailed description how to do this -- replace "space" with "fn/cmd-up/down/left/right". – Daniel Beck Feb 7 '11 at 7:56

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