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I previously had Windows XP Tablet Ed. on my HP TC4400. Now I have Windows 7 installed on it and I've noticed quite a substantial increase in battery life, in particular when using the power saver profile.

Does anybody have any suggestions on how best to approximate the power management features present in Windows 7 that are not present in Windows XP? For example Windows 7 allows one to set a ceiling for processor speed - this is not option is not available in Windows XP (at least not from the power management dialog box); Windows 7 offers similar power saving t. What free, hopefully easy to use, 3rd party software offer good ways of extending XP's power management capabilities?

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I can recommend Notebook Hardware Control again. It worked pretty good for me while I was using windows on my laptop.

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A note about NHC, the development has been "on hold" for a while, but it seems that the author is back on it (according to the forum, I think), and a new version should come some day. – Gnoupi Sep 1 '09 at 13:03

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