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Alright so i have a zip file called on my desktop. Inside is another folder called res and inside res is a file called info.txt I have used the zip -u command before to move a file inside the zip but only to the root of the zip i want to move a new version of info.txt from my desktop to the res folder of i need it for part of a script i'm working on. How can i do this or will the -u function only work for the root? Thank you for any help on how i can accomplish this

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Use the -j option (*j*unk the pathname) if you want to target the root of the zip; in order to target a subdirectory, you'll need to arrange your current directory such that the relative path from it to the file matches the relative path inside the zipfile. Something like this:

mkdir res
cp $DESKTOP/info.txt res
zip -u res/info.txt
rm -rf res
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Worked perfectly thanks a ton didn't think to put the info.txt in a res folder on my desktop – Anonymous Feb 2 '11 at 23:32

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