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I'm using Ubuntu Linux as my operating system. In my network only the ipv4 is suported, and I need to access some website through ipv6. How can I do it, is there a way to tunnel from the ipv4 to ipv6.

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there's a few options - You can use a IPV4-6 gateway such as the one provided by sixxs - the advantage of this being that you KNOW for certain its ipv6 and with almost no config . This is what i recommend IF you just need to check websites and not other internet connected resources.

While teredo - is an option - install miredo on a linux system, and ipv6 will work, with almost no config needed, but the performance is terrible compared to a proper tunnel so you're better off going with a dedicated tunnel broker - hurricane electric is what most people do, but i tend to use gogo6 - they have a client that works behind a nat, though you'd need to compile it, and configure it as per the instructions on the site.

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If protocol 41 is open through your firewall you may be able to use a 6in4 tunnel. I used the Shorewall 6xx4 tunnels documentation to help me configure IPv6.

My tunnel is running on my OpenWRT Wifi router. I started off using the anycast address to open a tunnel, and switched to a dedicated tunnel. Latency is still higher than IPv4. My ISP still doesn't know when they will be ready for IPv6. However, I am ready for World IPv6 day.

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