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Is there any tools for do this?
(only for some kind of locking tool, not an encryption tool)

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What is "locking" in your intent? –  ulidtko Feb 6 '11 at 15:22

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"Locking" doesnt mean anything in when it comes to computer data.

I am assuming you want to prevent people from reading your data. If you are using a Windows machine with NTFS, setting ACLs on the files will give you a small amount of protection. However, the reality is that anyone with physical access to the drive can bypass ACLs through a variety of methods.

The safest way to protect your data is through encryption. If you are using a Windows version that supports BitLocker, then all you have to do is enable it. There are plenty of other options too, like TrueCrypt.


I was thinking you might also mean write protect the drive to prevent people from modifying or erasing the data. Again, this is bypassable, but here are some generic directions on how to do it. You might have to check your drive manufacturer's website on how to do it with your specific model. If this is what you are looking to do, backup copies of your data are your best defense.

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If you want to lock, you might as well encrypt. Get Truecrypt (install it on the drive itself) and be done with it. Your data will thank you. :)

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