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I'm trying to hardsub an avi file. I made subtitles for it using a different avi file. There is a small time difference betweeen the two files, so I need to shift the timing of the subtitles a little bit. I have done this before using Subtitle Workshop, but the method I used was not very accurate. It requires using the slider and is quite painful. Is there a better way to do this?

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I think this subtitle postcan help. do read your .srt file and note down first dialogue and note the occurrence of that dialogue. that can help you! – JigarGandhi Dec 5 '14 at 4:56
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There are a couple of ways to adjust timings for all subtitles in a single file with Subtitle Workshop:

1: Edit > timings > Set Delay, set a positive or negative delay time, select the "All subtitles" radio button, Apply.

2: Select all the subtitles: Ctrl+A, to add 100 milliseconds delay, press Shift+Ctrl+H, to subtract 100 milliseconds, press Shift+Ctrl+N. You can hold each of these key combinations down to rapidly increase or decrease the times.

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It's much easier using Aegisub.

Just go to Timing and add/decrease the time to your subs

Then, you can play line by line to see if the edit is synced or not

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