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When i am using TextWrangler and double-click a word "game" in a sentence like "game.score", the word game is selected, but the both words and dot "game.score" is selected instead in some other editor like Smultron. How can I configure that? (in Smultron or both please)

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From the Apple menu choose "System Preferences…", click on "Language & Text", and then click on the tab labeled "Text". From the pop-up menu "Word Break" choose "English (United States, Computer)" and relaunch the applications you want to test this in. This should work at least in all Cocoa-Applications, and I tested it in Smultron (sourceforge variant) too.

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how do you do this in OSX 10.9 and above? – YoCoh Dec 22 '15 at 11:12

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