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I'm using wget --mirror --html-extension --convert-links to mirror a site, but I end up with lots of filenames in the format post.php?id=#.html. When I try to view these in a browser it fails, because the browser ignores the query string when loading the file. Is there any way to replace the ? character in the filenames with something else?

The answer of --restrict-file-names=windows worked correctly. In conjunction with the flags --convert-links and --adjust-extension/-E (formerly named --html-extension, which also works but is deprecated) it produces a mirror that behaves as expected.

wget  --mirror --adjust-extension --convert-links --restrict-file-names=windows http://www.example
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See the --restrict-file-names option. While not exactly intended for this particular purpose, --restrict-file-names=windows will probably help you along:


Change which characters found in remote URLs must be escaped during generation of local filenames. [...]

When "windows" is given, Wget escapes the characters \, |, /, :, ?, ", *, <, >, and the control characters in the ranges 0--31 and 128--159. In addition to this, Wget in Windows mode uses + instead of : to separate host and port in local file names, and uses @ instead of ? to separate the query portion of the file name from the rest. Therefore, a URL that would be saved as in Unix mode would be saved as in Windows mode.

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Your browser will view it fine if you use an URL like


instead of


Note: if you're having trouble with internal links from downloaded files, it'd be because you terminated wget before it was done with the downloading. Since you specified --convert-links and --html-extension (only applies when those are given), wget would normally fix the links to use %3F instead of ?; however, it does this at the end, after it's finished downloading; if it has been interrupted, it will not have fixed any of the links, and you're left in this predicament. Of course, you can always write a script to go through and fix the links, but...

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this is not quite correct, wget, with no interruption, for a URL like will be saved as article.cgi?25.html see section 2.7 at – Tzury Bar Yochay Jul 31 '12 at 7:22

wget does not have an option to modify the saved name. What you'll probably need to do is create a script to go through and replace ? with _ or something similar. Wget alone cannot do this.

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