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I have tried/researched 8 or so different plugins for Winamp that allow this functionality, and none of them seem to work on Windows 7 x64!

I need a plugin for Winamp that will send the current playing track information to a PHP script, via GET or POST.

I have almost no requirements... it can be the name/artist, or the filename (preferred). No fancy functionality needed, just something basic!

The four that I actually are:

  • Now Playing
  • XML HTML Server
  • SongStat
  • Currently Hearing

Any suggestions?

(Note to Moderators: No, I'm not looking for "shopping recommendations", I just need a plugin that works. There probably is only "one answer" to this question, and if there isn't, feel free to make it a CW.)

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Not really what you want, but Audioscrobbler (now part of is similar - sends "now playing" information. Except it's an entire web2.0service, with logs and public stats and so on. – grawity Feb 7 '11 at 22:52
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I finally found something that will meet my needs. The installation process is tricky though, so I will outline it here.

What you want to get is called AMIP, and its primary feature is to bother people on mIRC with what you are listening to. Download it, and install it with Winamp.

Next, download their configurator. It is separate from the plugin.

Next, download AMIP Dynamic Image Signature. This is really just a config file, a copy of cURL, and a PHP script to generate forum signature tags. Ignore the stock PHP script and write your own. Check $_GET for everything you need.

Also, the config file is missing a " after the time in minutes:seconds.

After all this hassle, it is now working great.

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