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I'm trying to find a new code editor, have gone through several, and am now using Notepad++, which I hear is a favorite of developers. My problem is that while I see that Notepad++ has FTP, as far as I can tell I can only access remote servers. Does Notepad++ have the ability to display a local directory tree? And is it possible to synchronize local and remote directories? I know Notepad++ has a lot of plug-ins but the documentation is kind of hard to understand, and I'm a n00b.


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For Displaying a Local Tree I use the Light Explorer plugin.

I haven't used nppFTP much, but just giving it a try you can set up a local/remote cache map, so whenever you save a file in the local directory it will upload it to the remote directory.

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This video explains in detail how to do this: HOW-TO Use Notepad++ and FTP

Video by Jimmynewland.

This article can help: access FTP Server using Notepad++

Using its NppFTP plug-in.

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