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I have dual boot machine with XP+Debian Squeeze, booting is performed via GRUB2. I'd like to upgrade XP to Win7. I know that XP would overwrite my GRUB with it's bootloader, requiring me to reinstall GRUB2 via LiveCD.
My questions:

  • Does Win7 behave the same? Is there a way to avoid this effect?
  • Are there any issues specific to Win7 as compared to XP concerning dual-boot in general and GRUB2 in particular?
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Yes, Windows 7 will override the GRUB boot-loader. To restore it you need an Linux live USB or CD.

Recovering Ubuntu After Installing Windows re-installs GRUB boot-loader, so it should work with Debian installation too, I think.

Anyway, this question is well known. Google for "your-linux-flavor restore grub windows".

I didn't note any specific issues with Windows 7 in dual-boot. It just works.

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