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I use sticky notes to record some information. I deleted this info by accident. Is it recoverable?

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As far as I know, the content for your stickies notes is stored in $HOME/Library/StickiesDatabase. If you are using Time Machine, or some other mechanism to do back-ups for your data that include this database, then you can try restoring an older version of this database to recover your data. Because of the way the Stickies app maintains its data (in a database), without access to some previous version of the database file, there's really no way to reliably recover Stickies notes.

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StickiesDatabase is somewhat easy to read with a normal text editor, so you can quickly view it to determine whether you're data is there. – Daniel Beck Feb 8 '11 at 16:44

You can browse the data by looking at it with TextEdit but it's a mess. This might be effective for recovering a lost password or some such, but I want to restore all the notes into a new stickies database.

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NO, stickiesdatabase is NOT readable with normal text editor. if so, I could do "cat stickiesdatabase' and read it, and that doesn't work; it spits out binary garbage.

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I think the accepted answer no longer holds. My version: OS X 10.9.4

I had some dashboard stickies disappear after a dashboard crash and was searching how to recover them (I had a recent TimeMachine backup).

What did the trick was replacing the files:


in the directory /Users/YOUR_USER_NAME/Library/Preferences with the old ones.

In my case the file $HOME/Library/StickiesDatabase was unmodified for the last couple of months, period during which I had created/deleted dashboard sticky notes.

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