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I need a specific version of Safari using WebKit 525.27; I have tracked it to Safari 3.2.1. The first Google hit on Apple points to:

However all the download links direct me to Safari 5. Are my only options to either build it myself from or download it from an Internet archive like oldapps?

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Any particular reason you need this specific version? Is it behavior or e.g. just the user agent string? – Daniel Beck Feb 8 '11 at 15:47
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Get it here

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Ok, but its crap that the Apple download site is broken... But who cares, why should Apple keep a legacy archive of the past... – Ernelli Feb 8 '11 at 16:07

I know this question has already been answered, but I like to give people options. Another option is They have every version of a lot of programs out there including popular items such as Safari. Here is the link that would be relevant to this question. Below are some of the other very popular downloads that Filehippo has.

  • Firefox
  • CCleaner
  • Flash Player
  • VLC Media Player
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That's bad luck.

The links for multiple versions of Safari are here.

However, the active links for the Windows versions only work back to 3.2.2.

The Mac versions appear to go back to 1.3.1.

This is the page for 3.2.1. Unfortunately, the DL link now points to the current release.

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