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I'm working with lots of Photoshop animations provided to me by a designer. Each one is made of six frames, and I need to export each frame so that they have the titles (say): left*.png, where * is 0-5 depending on the frame.

Does anyone know if there's a quick way of doing this? So far I've been doing it by hand, but this is obviously far from ideal considering I have many animations to get through!

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Set each frame duration to 1 second. Then go to File > Export > Video render

Select "Images sequence", "All images" and set the frequency to 1 image per second.

Click on Render, and each frame should be exported to an image.

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What kind of sorcery... I exported 200 layers in 20 seconds, whereas the more obvious path of Scripts > Export Layers to Files takes about 15 minutes. –  Sergey Snegirev Dec 24 '13 at 13:40
Trust Adobe to put the export images under the export Video menu item. Also if you use an animation with alpha then you get an all black image, great work Adobe! –  indiekiduk Feb 9 '14 at 17:22

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