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I have RealVNC Client on my mobile phone , and am not able to get the RealVNC server running on my windows 7 (tried some fixes , no luck) . So am wondering if it is possible to download other vnc servers which are compatable with realvnc client ??

if not , i have RDP working fine on my phone now , but the problem is i need to connect as an administrator to the windows 7 (not any other user) and that i need this administrator WITHOUT A PASSWORD for login , but with password for RDP . and when i connect through RDP , i don't want that admin to be logged off , is that possible ???

means when the PC boots up , i want to be automatically logged in without need to enter a password , then get my phone to connect to RDP for that logged in user but WITH A PASSWORD . and when RDP connects , i don't want that user to be logged out .


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It might be easier to set the account to login automatically, but with a password enabled.

This link shows XP, but I'm 90%+ sure that the syntax is the same for 7:

These are two other ways to get the the control panel item:

WinKey+R > control userpasswords2

Start > Search > netplwiz

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Have a look at UltraVNC. I have it running on several Win 7 machines and the install was 'uneventful'.

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VNC is a protocol, all the servers and clients use the same protocol and can be mixed invisibly. They may each have additions, but it's never much. I personally use Screen Sharing and Mocha VNC to control Mac Screen Sharing and TightVNC on windows.

TightVNC doesn't require you to set a password, and you can tell it to only accept people from the same network (ie lan). From what I understand, RDP is just Microsoft's attempt at VNC, it may work, but you're better off with VNC.

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In theory there is no difference between theory and practice. In practice there is. I had quite some frustrations with VNC clients not liking certain servers (or the other way round). – user12889 Feb 8 '11 at 21:54

I have tried every combination and now for years have been very happy with TightVNC as the server (on a Windows 8.1 machine) and RealVNC Viewer (iPhone, Mac, and PC versions).

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