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At random times, all of the hotkeys on my computer just go away. I try to minimize all windows by pressing WIN + D... nothing happens. Even hotkeys in other programs go away. CTRL + S does nothing in any program I use that saves. CTRL + J doesn't open the downloads window in Firefox. Sometimes it just randomly comes back. Logging off/on doesn't help either.

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Have you tried switching the keyboard? – fretje Aug 18 '09 at 13:08

I am having the same behavior sometimes. This is mostly fixed by pressing all the alt-, ctrl-, shift- and windows-keys once. I think one of those become "stuck" sometimes (windows thinks they are pressed, but they aren't). And they are released when pressing (and releasing) them once.

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Happens to me all the time. I tend to smack the keyboard out of annoyance rather than just pressing them. Works well for me =) – The How-To Geek Sep 1 '09 at 16:02
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This question is really old, and I fixed it by just using another keyboard.

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You should get a hot-key creator or re-install your driver software.

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Happens to me sometimes, not just in vista, also happened to me in XP

When that happens, i just click a couple times on the "stuck" key and it starts working fine again

It seems that it is caused by the application thinking that the key is pushed in

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I don't wish to appear obtuse and I'm sure you have already checked, but the last time something similar happened to me, it was a paperclip under the Win and CTRL keys of my keyboard... A simple keyboard swap out may also suffice.

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