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I have a file with a .VOB extension, allegedly of the size .99GB, on my desktop, but I can't get rid of it or do anything with it. It's just stuck there. Is there a painless way to make it go away that doesn't involve digging into the scary areas of Windows where I don't want to go?

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You want to delete the file using the Command Prompt. (It's not scary at all!)

First open a command prompt window at the Desktop, following the steps here:

Next you can use the command

del <FILENAME>.VOB to delete your file. Replace <FILENAME> with the name of your file.


To see the list of files on your Desktop, just type dir right after you open the command prompt following the first step above.

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If you can’t remove the file even from command prompt, do a chkdsk /f .

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What good will this do? – Simon Sheehan Nov 26 '11 at 14:58
It will remove invalid file entries from the MFT. – kinokijuf Nov 26 '11 at 15:15

Is it actually clickable or really a 'ghost'/artifact type thing?

If its the latter, click and drag the 'real' icon somewhere.

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