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Instead of having multiple tabs within the one big Lotus notes window is there any way to "free' a tab into a separate window. (Like Outlook) Its very annoying as my work necessitates using databases and mail a lot and i want to split tabs into movable windows.

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1) for an individual tab, right click on the tab and choose 'open in new window'

2) if you want this to be your default behavior, go to 'file>preferences>windows and themes' and choose 'Open each document in its own window' under 'window management'

You don't say what version of the Notes client you are using. I do know that the first option has been available at least in version 6.5. The second option came later - I see it in the latest client (8.5.2), but I don't know when it was added.

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This information is true. The setting you are referring to in #2 has been in 8.5 since release, and has existed through all of the releases. – DaBaer Feb 9 '11 at 17:59

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