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I have a multimonitor setup on Windows XP x64.

If I have a window sized to be larger than a single monitor (say, a web browser that's wide enough for 2 monitors), and I lock my workstation, it will be resized down to a single monitor when I unlock the workstation.

Is there any way to stop this behavior?

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I've tried this, and I have the same behavior... never noticed that before! I think this is a windows bug. Maybe you should file a bug report ( ;-) – fretje Aug 18 '09 at 13:25
Wow, I was just thinking about this the other day with my workstation at work. Great question! – Troggy Aug 18 '09 at 16:48
+1 for the question. I have the same issue under Windows XP when using the Sysinternals Desktop. – Grey Panther Aug 24 '09 at 9:22
If your window is small enough for one display, but you have it spanning both, it will move the window (un-resized) to one monitor after unlock. Same behavior on XP. I tried the most up-to-date drivers for the graphics card, but that didn't work either. – Stewbob Aug 26 '09 at 19:19

It could be a driver problem. I had a similar problem with an old laptop. No external display, but there was still one listed in the display properties, set to a low resolution. Whenever I closed the lid of my laptop, any windows were shrunk, possibly to the size of the ghost display.

If found the fix here:

It doesn't sound like the same problem, but this may be another clue to the mystery!

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Have you tried minimizing the window before you lock the workstation? I am not sure if that will work in your case, but it does work with programs that default to a lower resolution.

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Not sure what that'd get me. When I unlock the workstation i have to remaximize the window. So if I minimize it, I'd still have to remaximize it. – Keith Twombley Aug 28 '09 at 15:18

I have this too on Vista. My laptop resolution is 1366x768 and I have a monitor attached at 1680x1050. When I shut the lid and resume, the windows are technically maximised, but on the laptop screen the window starts showing the borders, as if it was a unmaximised window dragged to that size. On the second monitor, the window is the size of my laptop screen, not the full size of the monitor. This image shows what I mean:

enter image description here

I posted on the UltraMon forums (believing it to be a bug in UltraMon) and the only advice I managed to get was it could be caused by a service called TMM:

Some people reported that this issue was caused by TMM, a service installed on Vista, you can disable it under Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Task Scheduler > Microsoft > Windows > MobilePC.

Unfortunately this didn't work for me, and I've seen other threads where people simply say "it's a Windows bug". So there's not anything you can do AFAIK.

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