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Editing an HTML file in Notepad++ I now want to see the updated page in Google Chrome, Firefox and IE.

Is there a shortcut that I can use to see the changes as rendered through the different browsers after editing my file?

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Refresh the page using F5 or Ctrl-F5.

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shift-f5 might be one to try too. it's what i've always used.. when I used IE more. there's a bit of discussion and… but cltr-f5 (which you mention) might be universal or fairly universal.. since there's an absurdly titled website here that doesn't mention shift-f5 Though that's probably more the fault of the site than anything else. – barlop Feb 9 '11 at 7:33

If you want to see the results in another window, you will have to right click on your html file and select open with ... (another browser).

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I found that by right-clicking on the title in the file tabs, and then clicking "full file path to clip board" I was able to paste the full file path into Chrome and then view it from there.

I didn't see an "open with..." option but this option worked for me.

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