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I learnt that there is a way where we can automate the installation of Red Hat using a kickstart script. However, everywhere they talk about doing that from bootable floppy image.

I have a single DVD of Red Hat (RHEL5). Can anyone tell how can I kickstart the installation using the kickstart script, i.e., where do I place the ks.cfg file on the disk and what command should be given at the boot prompt? (Kickstart from DVD and not from any network.)

Please suggest what I need to do to achieve the above.

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Put your ks.cfg at the top level of your DVD.

If you are using the method described at Making the Kickstart File Available and Making an Installation Boot CD-ROM, that means you should copy the ks.cfg into the isolinux folder you are using to make the CD/DVD.

Or you can make a boot USB drive using the instructions under Alternative Boot Methods.

Or you can put it anywhere you like and type linux ks=/path/to/ks.cfg at the boot prompt.
There are several options for /path/to/ks.cfg, including HTTP, NFS, CD/DVD, hard disk, and DHCP/TFTP. See Starting a Kickstart Installation for all the options.

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thanx... it worked. – pratap Feb 9 '11 at 12:09

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