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In our IIS FTP log we have an entry that includes this:


Where can I look up to see the meaning of this? Particularly the number in the square brackets?

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It appears

  • 26 = connection ID
  • USER = FTP Command.

That'll teach me to post before properly looking :-)

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More information would be VERY useful: Which operating system are you running? Which ftp daemon are you running?

If you are on a Linux with a rpm based package manager you could try something like

rpm -qa | grep -i ftp

to find out which ftp packages you have installed.

Read the man page and or web page of the ftp daemon in use.

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Sorry this is an IIS log - I've discovered what this means - see my answer – m.edmondson Feb 9 '11 at 12:14

You can have a look at the Wikipedia Article about FTP to learn the basics of the protocol. Fort further information you can have a look the documentation of the File Transfer Protocol.

FTP is dialog based, which means that the server and client are sending in turns information and answers to requests. USER <username> is the command for authenticating at the server with the given username.

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