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Is it possible to bind C-1 in tmux? When I try it I receive an error:

unknown key: C-1

Here's what I'm trying:

bind-key -n C-1 select-window -t 1

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If you type Ctrl-V Ctrl-1 at a shell prompt, you won't get any output (compare to Ctrl-V Ctrl-i, for example).

Running xev, Ctrl-1 gives "1" with a state code signifying that Ctrl is held down, so you may be able to map Ctrl-1 to an unused escape sequence using xmodmap and then map that sequence to the select-window function in tmux.

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If you map ctrl-1, a common combination, in xmodmap, won't that affect all programs? e.g., ctrl-1 in Chromium / Chrome will no longer jump to the first tab. –  Stephen Niedzielski Aug 17 at 3:32
@StephenNiedzielski: True, but I'm not aware of another way to accomplish what the OP asked without affecting other things. –  Dennis Williamson Aug 17 at 16:19

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