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We have test tools that require us to call SIP addresses like localhost:5061.

I used to use SJPhone on Windows XP, and an older version of X-lite, which both worked fine, and didn't require the SIP phone to be registered with a SIP proxy.

I have just upgraded to Windows 7 and SJPhone doesn't seem to work any more (see forum here for others with the problem) - it says "No sound input device / No sound output device" at startup.

I have tried a range of other softphones (X-lite 3, X-lite 4, Zoiper, 3CX), but I can't seem to find any that will install on Windows 7 and will let me call a SIP address like localhost:5061. It might be that I just don't know how to configure these phones to do it...

Update: I didn't make any changes but SJPhone started working recently on my Windows 7 machine. I had definitely tried rebooting before, so I don't think that was the reason.

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I believe Blink will do exactly what you want.

I used it for testing in the way you mentioned when I wanted to get type SIP addresses working on my Freeswitch server.

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Apparently the Ekiga softphone from supports this on Windows 7. You don’t need to register with this phone, and can call an arbitrary SIP server using the syntax:


I've also heard that a good workaround is to install Virtual Server on your Windows 7 box, and run SJPhone inside an XP virtual machine.

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