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Is it possible to create SolidWorks files (i.e. *.stl, *.sldasm, *.sldprt, *.stp) from Autodesk 3Ds Max?

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It looks like there may be some third party options you could use. – chmullig Feb 9 '11 at 23:48

I use 3ds max with architectural CAD programs, like ArchiCAD and Revit (so I am not absolutely sure), and I doubt it is possible. Autodesk aims to lock users into using their products, but you should be able to export a basic interchange format like .dxf which you can use a template in SolidWorks.

You may also be able to find third-party conversion tools that can do it. They are usually pretty expensive, but the time-limited trial versions may be sufficient.

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3dsmax can export the following formats:

( for unsupported formats, I recommend getting okino polytrans )


* 3D Studio (.3DS)
* Adobe Illustrator (*.AI)
* ASCII Scene Export (*.ASE)
* Lightscape - Material (*.ATR), Blocks (*.BLK), Parameter (*.DF), Layers (*.LAY), Preparation (*.LP), View (*.VW)
* Autodesk DWF (*.DWF)
* Autocad DWG (*.DWG)
* Autocad DXF (*.DXF)
* Autodesk FBX (*.FBX, *.DAE)
* Motion Analysis HTR File (*.HTR)
* IGES (*.IGS)
* JSR-184 (*.M3G)
* Wavefront Object (*.OBJ) and Material (*.MTL)
* StereoLitho (*.STL)
* Shockwave 3D (*.W3D)
* VRML97 (*.WRL) 
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